this is Hugh...

Hugh Casiano was raised in Miami, Florida and relocated to Scottsdale Arizona where he owns and manages several companies. Most of his business involves his passion for cars and people.  

As a small child, growing up in Miami in the mid 70's, Hugh fondly remembers the time he saw his first really cool car. It was a late 60's Corvette Stingray convertible, rocket red with rumbling side pipes.  It rolled up to the curb and out stepped the driver, an angelic vision with long blonde flowing hair and red high heels. The only imperfection was the big bandage on the backside of her calve, which revealed a previous lesson learned about getting out of a car with side pipes. She gave him a wink and a big smile and ever since then he has been forever in love with cool cars and pretty blondes.


Business opportunities lead him to Scottsdale Arizona where he realized you didn't have to be an enthusiast or collector to appreciate the beauty in every car. From a client's very first car (as needy and worn as it may have been), to the practical daily driver (good on gas and room for the kids), on up to the lottery winning dream exotic... in the perfect light and at just the right angle, we see the potential magic that our vehicles hold. Hugh considers himself very blessed to be in the business of making that vision a reality for so many clients.   


After over 25 years in the Automotive Restoration and Aftermarket Business, Hugh has traveled the world and worked with some of the largest Manufacturer's (3M, LINTEC of Japan, Huper Optik, Eastman Chemical, Mothers USA, Meguiars, Madico USA, etc...) on projects from unique exotics for the world famous SEMA show to the manufacturing of high tech solar tinting, advanced polymers (paint sealants, detailing chemicals) and their related installation techniques. Hugh loves being based out of Arizona where he can test all his products in the extreme desert climate. Arizona testing insures the durability and performance of all his products and services. 


Hugh's goals, in everything he does, is not only to offer the best products and services for his clients, but also to provide opportunities and create craftsman out of average people with his staff. Training is a huge investment for the business and Hugh is proud that their success has been built on a solid foundation of a superior and quality oriented staff. The entire team understands, although Hugh leads the company, the customer is the boss and without them, they are nothing.

"When things are good we are a team, however, when we are challenged we are a family."  Hugh Casiano 


In closing, Hugh Casiano says he is happiest when cruising in his convertible while spending time with his very own angel and their little family. Life is good for them and he truly loves what he does. He isn't shy about confessing how grateful he is and gives thanks every day for the people who support him.

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"It's a good day to encourage those close to you to be extraordinary. That makes you extraordinary too... and maybe that's a good place to start fixing things instead of complaining about them."  

Hugh Casiano