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"Change is inevitable.

Embrace it and be a part of what comes next, 

rather than what's left behind." 

Hugh Casiano


Hugh now...

Hugh Casiano was raised in Miami, Florida and currently resides in both, Scottsdale Arizona and Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Hugh owns and manages several companies along with his wife, Judy Casiano, an accomplished Real Estate Broker. Their businesses involve a deep rooted passion for real estate, cars and people. Hugh and Judy are also blessed to have two lovely daughters named Elle and Aurilynn. 

In 2020 Hugh sold one of his favorite companies and assisted in brokering the sale of two additional, related entities. The overall project set the record for the largest acquisition of a contractor in that industry. Hugh currently works as a Director for the company and helps to update and integrate new programs for the business. Since the acquisition, volume and profits have practically doubled.    

Hugh and Judy's real estate holdings include multiple townhouses, apartments, high end residential rentals, commercial buildings, land holdings, short term rentals, small shopping plazas and remodel 'flips' throughout Arizona and South Florida. 

The real estate and property management is primarily handled by Judy Casiano. 

Hugh then...  

As a small child, growing up in Miami in the mid 70's, Hugh fondly remembers the time he saw his first really cool car. It was a late 60's Corvette Stingray convertible, rocket red with rumbling side pipes.  It rolled up to the curb and out stepped the driver, an angelic vision with long blonde flowing hair and red high heels. The only imperfection was the big bandage on the backside of her calve, evidence of a lesson learned about getting out of a car with side pipes. She gave him a wink and a big smile and ever since he has been in love with cool cars and pretty blondes.

As he got older he became very aware that beautiful things and a blessed life come at the cost of sacrifice and hard work. So off to work he went, selling newspapers door to door, lawn care and landscaping, electronics, night clubs, real estate and his beloved aftermarket car care businesses. 

Hugh business...

After 30 years in the Automotive Restoration and Aftermarket Business, Hugh has traveled the world and worked with some of the largest Manufacturer's (3M, LINTEC of Japan, Huper Optik, Eastman Chemical / Llumar, Mothers USA, Meguiars, Madico USA, etc...) on projects for the world famous SEMA show to the manufacturing of high tech solar tinting, advanced polymers (paint sealants, detailing chemicals), the marketing to high volume clients and the related installation processes.


Currently Hugh is working with XPEL, Inc. a Worldwide, Publicly Traded Supplier of Premium Coatings (Window Tint & Paint Protection Films). His focus is specifically on high volume applications Car Dealership Programs. 

XPEL, Inc. purchased Hugh's and his affiliated businesses in 2021. Making XPEL the largest provider in the World for installation and distribution of Premium Window Tinting, Paint Protection Films and Ceramic Paint Treatment Programs. The model for the program brings an incredible benefit to the existing XPEL Client Base, Retail and Wholesale Clients and the Industry Overall.

This is a revolutionary project that is providing a much needed update to the industry and is overflowing with opportunities. 

XPEL, Inc. is publicly traded under NASDAQ | XPEL. 

Hugh goals...

Raised by a single Mother of five who gave everything for her children. Hugh needs to be contributor to this World, doing good things and sharing his overwhelming blessings. 

"As a Christian, father, husband, artist, collector and realist, I hope to pass through this world and contribute as much as possible to improve what I leave behind. 

As an American, raised by a single Mother, I have to respect the all sacrifices made before me. 

Money only provides limited opportunities, most often my success has come from nothing but initiative. I have to depend on my passion and energy to do the rest."   

Hugh currently resides in Islamorada, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Thank you. 

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